EnvisionDo was founded in 2010 at the University of Chicago to help student entrepreneurs realize their ideas.

Today, our mission is to help students explore innovation and creativity in all areas of business. In order to bring students together with industry leaders, innovators, and changemakers, we bring speakers to campus, host conferences, organize site visits to local startups, and organize workshops.

Our Initiatives

The site visits, workshops, conferences, and speaking events that we organize throughout the year are all part of our mission to help students explore innovation and creativity in business.

Get Involved

As A Student

We are currently recruiting for sub-committee members, if you are interested, we highly recommend to head over to our Contact Page and email us with your name, brief bio, and why you are interested in getting involved with EnvisionDo. We recommend that you attend one of our events to get to know the current board. We will offer a final interview to selected candidates.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team of undergraduates at the University of Chicago dedicated to exposing the campus to innovation in buisness. To learn more about us individually, head over to our Team page

As A Speaker

You are vital to our mission. You will be a source of inspiration for young leaders worldwide by speaking at our yearly conferences and quarterly events. Many global top leaders are involved with EnvisionDo because they are committed to helping young people achieve success as socially-conscious global citizen and leaders. If you are interested in becoming a speaker at an EnvisionDo event, head to our Contact Page and we'll get in touch!

Meet our Team